After Believing He Would Die, the Kid Cries To See His Mother One More Time

The younger sister of Ken was the one who first heard the strange noises. Everyone believed there were kids playing nearby.
They could see a hole as they approached the yelling.

Unexpectedly, a child became trapped in the well at a depth of one meter.
They didn’t know there were goats around. Ken’s family became its caretakers when they found this unfortunate young goat. They gave it their all to assist him.


The young child was taken home and given milk bottles. Ken then inquired about the origins of the little animal from each of his neighbors.

No one made a claim, he said. As a result, we decided to keep the kid at home over night and attempt to learn more about his origins the next day, according to Ken.

Ken made sure the youngster had food and a comfy bed that night.

The goat was kept warm at night.
The next morning, Ken and his family started looking for his owner.


They had been making steady progress for hours when an extraordinary thing happened. They encounter a herd of goats.

The baby goat and this goat herd share a characteristic as well. On top of their heads, they sported white fur that looked to be family fur.
The goats in the distance appeared to be aware of the baby Ken was cradling. He pushed it toward the other goats after carefully setting it down on the ground.
The goats were unable to suppress their emotions since what happened was so unexpected.


The goats all began to wag their tails and circle furiously. She began breastfeeding as soon as her mother entered the room. The joy in the family’s hearts was overflowing.


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