The Loving Owl Raised the Lost Duckling as Her Own After Mistaking a Duck Egg for Her Own

An owl has made a home in Jupiter, Florida, photographer Laurie Wolfe’s garden.

Owl you need is love! Owl ends up raising a duckling after mistaking the eggs of a duck for its own | Daily Mail Online

The young lady set up a particular nesting area for birds because she is an animal lover.
Does the fact that the owl inhabited it suggest that it will soon be feasible to breastfeed the owl babies?

A few days later, Laurie checked the nest and found a fluffy lump—but it wasn’t an owlet at all.

A delighted mother owl warmed the yellow-black duckling under her wing.

Laurie called a bird specialist out of concern that the owl was still a bird of prey and may devour the infant. He validated her worries.

Owl Ends Up Raising Duckling After Mistaking Duck's Egg For One Of Her Own

The adjacent reserve’s employees decided to nurture the duckling.

The infant escaped death, however, and went into the closest pond.

The duckling eventually went back to the nest, where he started to call his parents, indicating that he loved the location Lori had chosen.

A duckling entering an owl’s nest seems impossible.

Netflix should produce an adaptation of this story.

A bird of prey allegedly assaulted a local family of ducks three weeks ago, according to Laurie.

Owl Ends Up Raising Duckling After Mistaking Duck's Egg For One Of Her Own

The adult then made the wise decision to hide the saved egg in a secure location, which ended up being Laurie’s nest.

The owl and the duckling thus found themselves linked.

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