After His Mother’s Unexpected Passing, the Father of an Orangutan Supports His Little Daughter

The love of a mother cannot be replaced. Mothers have an important role in the world of animals since they give birth to and take care of future generations.

Very Uncommon In The Wild: Male Orangutan Steps Up To Take Care Of His  Daughter After Mom's Death | Bored Panda

Most mothers don’t let their newborns go hungry, and they seldom leave them.

Because of this, it is tragic when an animal’s mother passes away. These creatures are neglected since they have no mother to take care of them; only people can save them from extinction.

Yet in this tale, we see an exceptional circumstance.

It is commonly known that male orangutans do not participate in raising their young. Yet occasionally, life forces them to take on the role of a mother.

Recently, a young orangutan lost her mother. It appeared like the father wouldn’t look after the infant child. Yet Berani proved to be the most excellent father.

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Berani’s being next to Cerah is quite fortunate. This orangutan treats his young in the same manner as a mother would. He holds the infant girl close, calms her, and hugs her as she sleeps.

At the young age of 32, Cerah’s mother sadly passed away suddenly. Her father shocked the staff with his unique commitment to parenting.

It turns out that Berani has raised another orangutan named Hasty as a nice father. Despite not being Berani’s biological offspring, Hasty has always been cared for by the male orangutan as if she were.

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This really nice anecdote encourages us to see the value of parenting.

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