A 70-Pound Disabled Tortoise Receives Its Own Wheelchair and Is Now Able To Walk Comfortably

Animals with impairments have the same difficulties as people. They have to live their life with pain and uncomfortable conditions.

Fortunately, there are nice people who think about animals with defects.

Disabled tortoise able to move again thanks to large custom wheelchair - VT

Like this huge tortoise, which is unable to carry its 70-pound bulk on its legs. Jaime Loebener managed to save George, an 11-year-old Sulcata tortoise. The tortoise was born with metabolic bone disease, which affects its legs.

That denotes a calcium and phosphorus imbalance in him. George in particular struggles more than others due to his 70-pound body weight.

He barely dragged himself forward with his front legs. It’s difficult for George to move given that tortoises can live up to 100 years.

NH-based Walkin' Pets builds wheelchair for tortoise

Thankfully, a solution was discovered! A group called Walkin’ Pets aids in the recovery of retired and old animals. Jaime contacted them as well when she learned that another tortoise with a leg issue had received a unique wheelchair.

The group brought delight to the dog. George was able to walk more easily because of the custom wheelchair they created.

Disabled Tortoise on the Move Again Thanks to His Large Custom Wheelchair

George may now have a full life because of the sincere desire and concept to aid the animal.

Jaime said that her tortoise loves the equipment.


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