Before Passing Away in the Hospice, the Vietnam War Veteran Expressed His Final Wish: To Visit and Hug His Beloved Puppy One More Time

John Vincent, a former Marine who fought in Vietnam, is 96 years old.
The veteran did not start a family and lived alone. Patch, his beloved puppy, was all he had. Even when he rode a Harley, he hardly ever parted from him.

A Vietnam veteran in hospice care got to see his dog for the last time | CNN

Even the dog wore miniature spectacles for excursions like this.

There was nobody to leave the dog with when the elderly man was transported to the hospice. Patch was lent to an animal sanctuary for a while.

The workers at the shelter soon learned that John had limited time remaining.

The elderly guy asked one more thing. He desired to give Patch one more embrace when he saw him.
“As soon as we heard about this, we agreed. We made the decision to exert all of our efforts to ensure that this meeting occurred. Patch was soon brought to him, according to the head of animal welfare.

Dying Vietnam war veteran has last wish to be reunited with his dog granted  | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard

The crowd cried when they heard of Patch’s final encounter with John when he was just five years old.

John responded, “Yeah, it’s me, it’s dad,” as Patch licked his face. Do you enjoy my presence? I’m delighted to see you.

On Facebook, the Animal Welfare Service shared images from John and Patch’s final encounter. The post mentioned their heartfelt farewell.

A Vietnam veteran in hospice care got to see his dog for the last time | CNN

It was such a touching occasion! To say farewell, they were overjoyed to run into one another. It gave me great pride to grant the veteran’s last desire, Danny remarked.
Patch went back to the abode. Yet he won’t be abandoned; he already has a new owner.

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