When a Lady Takes Her Dog Inside After Seeing It Outdoors, the Dog Is Already There

Tia Belton once observed her dog strolling by himself on the street as she was returning from work.
“My Reese never wandered; she doesn’t like to run out into the street at all,” the girl said in surprise.

Woman Finds Her Dog Outside But Realizes She's Already Inside - The Dodo

The fact that the animal approached the rubbish heap seemed more weird to Tia. She usually simply lounges in the sun, so she couldn’t handle sniffing the garbage.

The dog responded to Belton’s call by charging up and jumping into the vehicle.

The girl pondered how the animal escaped for the remainder of the journey.

She drove up to the house with these ideas in mind and opened the door, where she discovered Reese waiting for her inside.

The woman’s eyes were so unbelievable.

She turned back to gaze at the puppy she was holding before realizing her error: “I was horrified and humiliated.” How could I have missed my own child?

A woman sees her dog outside the house and brings her home - then realizes that the dog is already inside

Reese was equally perplexed and did not get why her mother had brought her “twin” into the house.

Only the second dog, who goes by the name of Bella, appeared content. She hopped onto the couch right away and started acting like she was at home.

Despite Bella’s sweetness, Tia didn’t retain her. She realized she was probably missing and started looking for her owners.

Woman Finds Her Dog Outside But Realizes She's Already Inside - The Dodo

The dog’s true family got in touch with her in three days. Bella was given back to the owners after Belton apologized for her mistake.

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