Unruly Police Horses From England Won’t Leave for Work Until They Have a Cup of Sweet Tea Every Morning

If a cup of tea isn’t provided to this police officer in the morning, he won’t get out of bed and report to work.

It is not what one would expect from a horse, but rather from a capricious old man. And this charming man will not only consume alcohol. He expects his servants to make tea with greater care than he does.

This Pampered Police Horse Refuses To Work Without His Cup Of Morning Tea.  Watch

Without a cup of tea or coffee in the morning, many individuals find it challenging to start their workday. Animals, however, are not unusual in this tendency. The Daily Mail reports that a horse named Jack, a 20-year-old police officer in Liverpool, United Kingdom, has been refusing to report for duty without a hot cup of tea for 15 years.

Pampered police horse refuses to start shift without a big mug of sugary tea  - Mirror Online

Jack approached his rider, who had just arrived at the stables with a mug of sweet tea, while acting like a five-year-old youngster. He bit into it and was so ecstatic about it that he now won’t leave the stable without drinking the tea.

Jack likes his tea with two teaspoons of sugar, skim milk, and a little bit of iced water. because he may burn himself by drinking anything hot.

The Merseyside Mounted Police Service now starts each weekday with a tea party with Jack. The horse, laying in the stall with his nose in the fluffy sawdust, is anticipating its share.

Pampered Police horse Jake starts his day with a giant mug of tea in bed |  Metro News

The passion for the beverage is not, however, as sweet as it would seem. should not let Jack pass the stable workers carrying drinks.
If you happen to be near the stable and have a mug in your hand, he’ll run up and try to take the tea.

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