The Orphanage in Sri Lanka Has Had Twin Elephant Calves for the First Time in the Past 80 Years

Despite the rarity of twin elephant births, two boy calves recently arrived at the Sri Lankan orphanage.

It’s fantastic news for the orphanage and animal conservationists alike.

Sri Lanka reports rare birth of twin elephants | Al Arabiya English

The last time elephant twins were born was in the center, 80 years ago.
The 25-year-old Sarangi is the heroic mother of the calves. She is a really caring mother. Although the calves are smaller than typical cows, they are, thankfully, healthy.

Twin elephant calves are the firstborns in the Sri Lanka orphanage in the last 80 years

Given that elephants have a 1% chance of producing twins, there is great cause for celebration for elephant lovers.

The mother does the finest job of raising her twin boys. She helps them eat and walk independently. The center’s staff is taken aback by the mother elephant’s interest.

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In 2009, Sarangi gave birth to a boy calf. Elephants may only become pregnant four times in their lives, according to recognized facts.
Presently, Sri Lanka is home to 7,500 elephants. Wildlife ambassadors are making every effort to preserve the well-being of these animals. We wish the calves good health and happiness in their surroundings.

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