A Brave Dog Saved the Life of a Little Girl Who Had Stopped Breathing

In a series of now-viral tweets, the Boston-based author Kelly Andrew revealed how the family’s dog Henry saved her daughter. The mother explained that her child was feeling weak, and although she initially thought it was only a cold, things turned out to be much worse. Henry, fortunately, was present to save the day!

A dog saves the life of a baby girl who had stopped breathing in the middle  of the night... Tap here to learn more… - NEWS FROM MEDIABLOG

The woman told Great Morning America that “he was head-butting the doorway open and went into her room and stood there.” “Every time I pushed him out, he would come back in… She was unable to speak and couldn’t breathe.

The worried dog kept coming inside the nursery room with the kid inside, but Kelly took him out every time since he was waking up the kid. He did this repeatedly, using his head to butt the door, until eventually the mother noticed that her daughter was no longer breathing.

The dog kept breaking into the baby’s room last night and waking him up. “She has been weak, and I was feeling so supported by him,” the mother wrote on Twitter. “Until her breathing stopped.” Within the clinic, we spent the night. If he hadn’t woken her up, I’m not sure what would have occurred. Dogs are not worthy of us.

Thankfully, the two parents arrived at the clinic in plenty of time, and after spending several hours there, they returned home with their little girl well recovered.

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