The Farmer Wondered What Might Hatch Out of Completely Black Eggs! The Result Was Incredible

A farmer once saw a picture of some black chicken eggs and assumed it was a prank or that the eggs had simply been colored. But it turned out that a highly ornamental kind of black chicken actually produces and lays black eggs. Have you heard of this type of chicken? Its name is “Ayam tsemani,” by the way.

These Chickens Have Jet Black Hearts, Beaks and Bones | Smart News|  Smithsonian Magazine

This breed’s representatives have black skin, bones, claws, paws, combs, beaks, bones, and even flesh. They also produce black eggs. There have been reports that the blood of black chickens is also black; however, this is untrue.

These chickens’ black plumage has a metallic shine that makes it appear incredibly lovely and distinctive.
Once in the USA, this breed’s huge chickens were highly prized and readily available. The average cost of an adult chicken of this breed was $2,500.

Black Chickens Exist: A Rare Indonesian Chicken is Black Inside and Out

The fibromelanosis gene is responsible for the chicken’s black color. The hyperpigmentation that results from the prevalence of this gene in the body is what gives chicken its dark color.

They originated in Indonesia and were first introduced to Europe in 1990. Others in the “Ayam Tsemani” country believed they had “mystical” superpowers; however, all of these claims are false myths that have been circulated by people, so you shouldn’t take them seriously.

Black Chicken Eggs Myths Busted | Chicken Fans

Now check out the images of this incredible and mysterious chicken. Isn’t that interesting?

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