The Devoted Dog Called Out to Her Owner for Assistance for About Five Hours

The dog was found on the street by Marie Alexander from Inverness, Florida. It was hungry and filthy. She carried her home, fed and bathed her, and gave her the nickname Sassy. They developed very close, lifelong friends. Sassy became the 92-year-old woman’s life friend since she lived alone.

 The faithful dog barked for about 5 hours calling for help to her mistress

When Marie went outside to retrieve some mail one day, she unintentionally damaged her leg. She lost her balance and collapsed, helpless to rise to her feet. When Sassy saw that the mistress needed her assistance, she started barking for assistance at all oncoming automobiles. The dog attempted to make a distress call for almost five hours.

Despite being already worn out and fatigued, they both persisted. Fortunately, a couple responded when they heard the persistent barking.

Fortunately, the woman arrived at the hospital in time. Marie was dehydrated and had injured ribs. She was quite fortunate, though, and quickly recovered, the doctors stated.

“She saved my life, and I offered her a place to stay.” “In this world, everything is reciprocal,” the woman declared.


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