Beautiful Photos Show a Rainbow Lorikeet Kissing a Rescue Koala, Who Is Not Amused

Thank God, people who surround those in need with love may make loneliness or orphanages disappear.

Adorable Footage Of A Rainbow Lorikeet Kissing A Rescued Koala

In nature, various animals suffer the same fate, which is the same situation. They give each other embraces and cuddles as they embrace true friendship and delight.
In this tale, a lorikeet bird and a koala serve as examples to highlight the power of compassion. The stunning pair currently resides in Victoria, Australia, at a wildlife refuge.

A cute scene. Adorable rainbow lorikeet kissing a cute koala went viral

When the young koala was barely a year old, an accident caused him to lose his mother. Before encountering a rescued lorikeet that had been taken to the shelter months earlier, he was a shy and depressed bird.

Even though the 2-year-old adult koala appreciates human affection, the love he also receives from the lorikeet is at least as sweet.

The playful lorikeet was seen cuddling up to the koala. It appears that she developed feelings for the hairy ball. The koala, on the other hand, is not fond of kisses from his pal. The lorikeet pecked the animal’s nose, and the animal licked it.

Victoria: Rainbow lorikeet kisses a koala named Luther at Mosswood Wildlife  Sanctuary in Koroit | Daily Mail Online

You decide if this is funny or cute! But one thing is certain: loneliness can be overcome.

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