A Dog Intervened To Save the Life of a Baby Pig That Her Mother Had Abandoned

Huge farm dogs and young pigs became online sensations. People learned the heartwarming tale of this compassionate surrogate mother and her gorgeous kid, who only radiates tenderness.

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The grumpy Paulinchen, a cute orphaned baby pig, was well-cared for by eight-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback Katjinga.
Soon after she passed away, Paulinchen was joyously discovered and given to the dog, who gladly adopted her as one of her own.

Roland Adam and his wife Edit  were Katjinga’s adopted parents, and they lived on a huge farm in Hoerstel.

Roland discovered Paulinchen when he was almost about to pass away. When her parents abandoned her the day after giving birth, she was terribly weak and had just about survived.


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“Wild pigs exist in our country, and a sow recently gave birth to a litter of five piglets in a nearby woods.” I found Paulinchen all by herself and took her up when she was terribly chilled. Since I knew foxes would kill the pig that night, I brought her home and handed her to Katjinga. “I believed there was a chance I could take over her care.” Roland stated.

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Katjinga is the best mother anyone could hope for. She was in love with the little pig. As soon as he could, he began cleaning her and treating her like one of her own puppies. She started producing milk again a few days later, so she could keep nursing the piglet. She obviously regarded her as her own kid.

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