See What Happened When Three Wrestlers Decided To Test Their Power Against a Lioness

Almost every culture has a legend about a hero who vanquished a lion. Think of Hercules, for instance.

But is it actually feasible?

Lion cub defeats 3 WWE wrestlers together in tug of war, doesn't move an  inch [Video] - IBTimes India

At once, three professional wrestlers made the decision to put a lioness to the test and started to pull one rope alongside her. Everything that transpired throughout the tournament was filmed since the audience was so fascinated.

Adult lions have a biting force of 40 atmospheres and can weigh up to 250 kg.

Additionally, the principal hunters are the lionesses. One of the causes of their undeveloped mane is due to this.

A three-year-old lioness who was held at the San Antonio Zoo was quite young.

Watch: 3 WWE Wrestlers take on a Lion Cub, Who wins?

Ricardo, Fabian Eichner, and Killian Dane, three wrestlers from the WWE division, believed they could overpower the predator in a tug-of-war.

Of course, the lioness stayed within the cage. And a unique opening was used to pass the rope through.

The animal became immediately engaged in the game, and all three wrestlers immediately started to pull. The lioness remained still.

Video: Guess who won this tense tug-of-war between a lion cub and three WWE  wrestlers

The men were forced to give up. It seems that lions are considerably more powerful than most people believe!

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