The Kind Woman Adopted a Senior Dog From a Shelter; Soon After, She Discovered That the Dog Was Her Long-lost Puppy

This heartwarming reunion is very endearing and shows how fate always guides us in the correct direction.

Nicole Grimes received a cute puppy from her grandma when she was just 10 years old.
For her birthday, she received her furry, cute Pomeranian-Poodle pal, with whom she quickly formed an unbreakable bond.

They were together for four wonderful, cherished years.

Woman adopts elderly dog, finds pet her parents gave up 10 years ago

They had to be split apart, though, because of an unanticipated obstacle.

Her father purchased a new home and got a remote position that required a quiet and calm setting.

Nicole, a young woman who was saddened by the decision, gave her beloved pet to the Washington Humane Society.

Nicole was unable to forget her darling puppy throughout this time and dreamed of the day they would reunite.

The child just so happened to see a post about an older dog ready for adoption on her Facebook page nine years later.

Her four-legged friend’s dog shared the same name, Chloe, as she did.

Woman Adopts Senior Dog, Realizes It's Her 'Best Friend' She Lost As A  Child - Cesar's Way

As a result, the bewildered and eager girl had her heart in pieces and could not wait to see her again.

After so many years, she was almost certain that her cherished cat would be brought back to her.

Woman adopts elderly dog, finds pet her parents gave up 10 years ago

Yes, she was correct.

Chloe returned to her family once more, becoming the infant’s closest friend this time.

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