The Cutest Reason for a Dog Hugging Dad in the Water

Navó the dog resides in the Netherlands with his wonderful owners. They take their pet along when they go swimming and camping. The dog’s owners have discovered a remedy for the dog’s sporadic anxiety while near water. He is hugged and taken into their arms as they stand by him through trying times.

The dog’s mother finds it sweet every time that he insists on giving her a swimming cuddle. Navó tries to embrace his parents because he wants to feel safe and because he likes to snuggle.He hates it when his parents aren’t around when he’s swimming. He also believes that he is in the safest place on earth while they are there.

For pets, the phenomenon of water is nothing new. It turns out that his father is a triathlete, and he enjoys taking Navó along to the rigorous training. The animal is always happy to take part in the activities that the parents plan since he likes their company. When not swimming, the loving, perceptive dog loves to play fetch and explore the huge universe. His preferred occupation is observation, and he enjoys interacting with others around him.

Navó seems to be the perfect dog. When the dad is gone competing, he is always there to assist the mother. He is a real family member, according to his parents, and a dream come true.

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