A Month After Her Father Kidnapped the Seven-year-Old Child, Bloodhound Is Hailed as a Hero for Finding Her

The missing 6-year-old boy was discovered with the help of service dog Fred.It is known that volunteers and law enforcement organizations searched for the youngster for more than a month.
Fred The dog has an excellent sense of smell. Dog handlers informed authorities about this.

Bloodhound in Tennessee finds missing 6-year-old girl allegedly abducted by  father

It is well known that the four-legged man located a missing 13-year-old man on his very first job.

The dog was allowed to sniff the clothes of Kinzleigh Reeder’s father, Nicholas Reeder, during the hunt for the 6-year-old.

Fred traveled far from the man’s home to his hiding place by following the trail.

Nicholas and his daughter were sheltering in an abandoned home.

Hero bloodhound finds missing girl, 6, by 'sniffing out dad who kidnapped  her' - Mirror Online

Officers from the police forcefully invaded the building because the guy had blocked all the doors and pounded the windows with metal sheets.
There was no ventilation inside, and the air was filled with an ammonia odor. The girl was starving and dehydrated.

Bloodhound is called a hero after he tracked down a missing seven-year-old girl a month after she was kidnapped by her father

Fred approached Kinzleigh after spotting her and started licking her face. The worn-out girl grinned as she embraced her savior.

The Tennessee Department of Children’s Services received Kinzleigh from her father, who had been arrested.

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