Meet Alba the Albino Orangutan, the Rarest and Most Unique Primate in the Entire World, With Her White Fur and Piercing Blue Eyes

On the island of Borneo, Alba, the only albino orangutan in the world, was discovered in 2017.
The primate was removed from the residents of one community, who had neglected to care for her and had kept her in a cage for more than a year.

World's Only Known Albino Orangutan Is Moving To A Private Island - The Dodo

She was in a terrible condition.

Albinos often have poor health, but in this case, Alba was also malnourished and exhausted.

The woman’s hearing also got worse, and her eyesight got worse.

The team of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation needed a full year to get the monkey back to health.

The animal healed to the point. It was decided to release her back into the Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park. She  would be able to live in her natural habitat.

World's Only Known Albino Orangutan Is Moving To A Private Island - The Dodo

The volunteers made sure that everything in the facility was as natural as they could make it so that Alba might live properly in the wild.

The workers let the female climb trees, search for food, and construct nests without picking her up in their arms.

The albino ape and a second orangutan were returned to their native land at the end of 2018.

The survival of Alba is not in danger in the national park. Only local poachers do it, but patrols track them down.

Rare albino orangutan rescued on Borneo island

A distinct female was spotted and was still alive at the start of 2020. She therefore succeeded in adjusting to the features of her native home.

Only the female’s ability to form a pair with someone is unknown.

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