The rhino and cat’s unique friendship becomes well known after being captured on camera and shared on social media

Animals are incredibly diverse. They have various needs and preferences. However, individuals from various species might occasionally become close friends.

Cuddle Time! Affectionate Kitty and Rhinos Form Strong Bond - 23.11.2017,  Sputnik International

Like one cat from a safari park in the Czech Republic adores hugging his huge friend – rhino named Emilka.
When the park chose to introduce the cats to keep mice and rabbits away from the wild creatures, the black cat named Mia and her two siblings were kittens. Mia had a horrible encounter with a rhino when she was very young; the rhino bit her tail.

Rhino And Cat Unlikely Friends -

The employees at the park believed Mia would always be fixated on the rhinos and want to avoid them.

But Mia proved to be a really courageous young lady. She seems unconcerned about Emilka’s size. She frequently visits and interacts with the rhino.
Ami Vitale captured the tender embrace moments.Her online uploads of her catches quickly became viral.

The special bond between the rhino and cat goes viral after being footaged and put on social media

We believe that this special link should encourage us to be more compassionate toward both people and animals.

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