At the Atlanta Zoo, Two Newborn Twins of an Endangered Golden Lion Tamarin Are Welcomed

There are countless animal species that face extinction in the animal kingdom. We as humans ought to be more concerned with these species and work to ensure their survival.

Zoo celebrates birth of tiny twin tamarins - The Irish News

The golden lion tamarin is a member of those endangered species. These lovely creatures have a very velvety coat that resembles golden brown.

Unfortunately, only 2% are discovered on Brazil’s Atlantic shores, where they naturally reside.

Some of the golden lion tamarins have been bred in zoos to aid in breeding. But keeping them in cages is obviously not the ideal option; it is necessary for their population right now.

The Atlanta Zoo recently announced the birth of twin golden lion tamarins.The conservationists had a large celebration.

The siblings’ names are Blixx and Tiete. They’re doing fantastic and developing into healthy children.

Twin golden lion tamarins born at Bristol Zoo - Bristol Live

These animals were on the verge of extinction in 1970. Fortunately, they began to be reared in zoos in the 1990s and 2000s as a result of a breeding effort.

There were 3000 tamarins in total. Sadly, they are once again in danger, but experts are working hard to maintain a steady population.

Baby golden lion tamarin twins at Auckland Zoo | The Kid Should See This

The Atlanta Zoo is thrilled about the new acquisition for this reason.

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