Zeus, “The Stubborn Husky,” Runs Out of Water, and His Mother Takes Notice of His Displeasure

You may have heard about Zeus, the obstinate husky. This person is well known for whining all the time when something goes wrong.

The pets’ constant complaints are understandable. This time, the empty water bowl was the source of his wailing and whining. When she observed Zeus sticking one of his legs into the empty bowl, her mother at last realized what was going on.

Husky Runs Out Of Water, Mom Listens To His Disapproval - Dog Dispatch

Eventually, the husky’s owner removed the bowl and told the dog to stop barking. She was filling it up, so there was no issue, but no. Zeus didn’t stop fussing.

Zeus could not allow such an incident to occur once more. He continued to whine for a very long period, refusing to let his owner talk to him and soothe him.

Stubborn Husky Refuses To Get Up & His “Negotiation” With Mom Will Crack  You Up.

He could have been attempting to convey that this is the final time I will be patiently waiting for freshwater. Never, ever risk leaving the dish empty!
The husky refused to listen to Zeus’ mother’s explanations for why she had left the dish empty. He was adamant in his wrath and displeasure.

Fortunately, the woman’s dog stopped crying and started drinking water when she set the full dish down on the ground.

Husky Runs Out Of Water, Mom Listens To His Disapproval - Dog Dispatch

After experiencing this type of disappointment, I believe the woman will never again allow the dish to go without being filled.

Yes, home pets may be demanding at times. Since we are their owners, it is our duty to look after them. Even if some of them are a little obstinate, it’s not a huge issue.

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