A Puppy Trapped on the Ice in the Cold Arctic Regions Is Saved by Sailors

Many people dislike the cold. Yet we cannot conceive what it would be like to live close to the Arctic.

Lost Dog, Stranded On Arctic Ice, Rescued By Russian Sailors

Animals and people in this area have both adapted to the region’s mostly year-round cold temperatures. Dogs frequently have thick fur that keeps them warm in cold weather.

In any case, your odds of surviving if you were stranded in the Arctic are slim. Aika the dog experienced a similar event when she became stuck in a large block of ice.

Russian sailors rescue dog stranded on floating ice in Arctic, watch video  | What's Viral

Thankfully, several sailors who were traveling along the water discovered a dog with white fur.

She needed help. Naturally, the crew freed the unfortunate dog and brought her on board the ship, where she was given warmth and nourishment.
After several hours, the dog started wagging her tail. It was clear that Aika was a social and active dog. The team made contact with the closest community since they knew she needed owners.

Russia Arctic Sailors Rescue Lost Dog After Weeklong Search - The Moscow  Times

Aika’s owner, Svetlana Chereshneva, was delighted to learn that Aika had been located. Over the course of ten days, she was missing. It’s incredible that she survived after being trapped between ice blocks for almost ten days.


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