A Brave Dog Protects His Teenage Owner From a Rattlesnake and Saves His Life

This puppy is another illustration of love and bravery. A Labrador retriever named Marley just helped his owner, Alex Loredo, escape death.
Marley was once saved by this 18-year-old boy, who also assisted him in overcoming all of his medical problems. They have since bonded into unbreakable pals!

Heroic Dog Sacrifices Self to Save Teen Owner From Dangerous Rattlesnake  Attack | Nature World News

Having a dog like Marley is good luck! A rattlesnake attempted to bite Alex Loredo from Harbison Canyon, California, but he was extremely fortunate to have the dog by his side at the time.

It rattled a lot in front of hisont of h. Alex was so determined to bite house. To bite Alex was so determined. Marley sprung into action to protect his owner as it pretended to release its venom.

The young man was terrified. To protect Alex, however, the dog attacked the snake. He was sadly bitten on the tongue and neck. The owner was forced to think properly. Marley was taken right away to the animal sanctuary.

Dog Survives Rattlesnake Bite After Saving Owner

Marley could still be saved, according to the good news. Alex feels really grateful to have a buddy who is so generous and devoted. He had no qualms about having to pay for his gorgeous dog’s operations.

Selfless dog saves his teenage owner’s life by protecting him from a rattlesnake


Alex was able to raise more than $8,000 through GoFundMe, which was sufficient to pay all the costs.

Marley has since rejoined Alex in their regular routine and is still making his owner happy.

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