Two Young Girls Who Got Lost in the Woods Were Saved by the Family Dog, Who Was Hailed as a “Hero.”

Their golden retriever assisted and looked after two little girls who got lost in the woods. The dog helped to locate the girls at a distance of roughly 2 kilometers from the house.

Family dog's hailed as a 'hero' after protecting two young missing girls in  Louisiana woods | Daily Mail OnlineLouisiana’s New Orleans serves as the setting for this tale.

Cecilia, 4, and Abigail, 7, were having a game in the yard when they eventually stopped.

They were nowhere to be seen when the mother went outside to see what was wrong.

The woman quickly dialed the neighborhood emergency service out of panic. “I was quite terrified and had no idea where my kids were at all!”

But a dog by the name of Artemis also vanished along with the girls.

Louisiana dog hailed a hero for protecting young girls lost in woods for  hours | Fox News

“They left the yard where they were playing with the dog. There is no one where I’ve looked.
More than a hundred people were instantly assembled for an urgent search party. Additionally, volunteers, drones, and even a helicopter were all utilized.

The five-hour search took place. Nevertheless, the girls and the dog were located in a forest approximately two kilometers from the house. The females sat with their bodies pushed together out of fear.
The loving dog kept a close eye on the children, shielded them, and provided warmth.
As soon as Artemis heard people arriving, he started barking, which assisted the search team in finding the missing persons.

Parents have horrified memories of this day.

Family Dog Protects 2 Missing Girls Lost in the Woods - YouTube

“It was terribly frightful; the unknown was terrifying… We just sat quietly and held our daughters instead of correcting them.Additionally, the family is incredibly appreciative of the dog Artemis for always being there, watching after the daughters, and never leaving them.

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