Doggo Should Have Used the Bathroom, but She Accidentally Ran a Half Marathon

Meet Ludivine, a 2-year-old Bloodhound who improvised her way into saving the day.
This adorable dog lived her entire life in Elkmont, Alabama, with her owner.

Dog accidently finishes half-marathon in seventh place after being let out  to pee | The Independent | The Independent

She spent the most of her days at her owner’s farm, in particular. Her owner let her out to use the outside bathroom as usual one day.

She was startled to hear voices in the neighborhood. The day before, the adjacent marathon’s spectators’ boisterous chatter drew her attention.

She quickly became so fixated with the throng at the marathon that she instantly went to watch the action on her own.

She made her way to the starting line on foot and then joined the others in running.

Most likely, the adorable dog assumed people were playing with her as she joyously wagged her tail.

Dog accidentally enters half-marathon, finishes in 7th - ABC7 Chicago

Sometimes Ludivine would even alter her course and stop to chase a rabbit, bark at other animals, and smell some plants.

She continued to run until she reached the finish line alongside everyone else.

Dog accidentally runs half-marathon after being let out for pee and  finishes 7th! - My Pet Matters

Even if the dog finished the marathon in seventh place, she may still get a medal for her efforts.

She was able to complete the recording process in one hour, 32 minutes, and 56 seconds.

Ludivine left such an impression on the event organizers and all of the participants that they changed the event’s name to “The Hound Dog Half” in her honor.


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