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Helicopter pilot Dan Alpiner flew over Shaver Lake in California in 2020 as flames raged nearby.
Helicopters were rented by Alpiner’s business to assist with West Coast wildfires. As a result, the pilot was currently dousing a raging fire in the Fresno area with water.

Owl Flies Inside Helicopter To Join Pilot Battling Massive Wildfire - The  DodoThrough a small hatch, an owl flew into the aircraft to meet him. She took a seat next to him and just stared.

Alpiner claimed that it was challenging to fly the helicopter and attempt to do something else, thus he was only able to capture one image of the bird.

Of course, that frightened me. Our eyes matched as I turned. The owl took a quick glance around before going completely still. Alpiner responded, “Okay, now you will work with me,” and I agreed with him.

The situation seems unrealistic, according to experts. Even an adult can be blown away by the wind produced by a helicopter’s propellers, let alone a bird.

This owl, according to flight instructor Matthew Daudi, is a very bold and lucky bird.

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The bird managed to escape the fire, fit into a tight space, and take a break inside the chopper.

The owl getting into the aircraft is unusual. It is impossible for someone to have entered a helicopter while it was in flight. The experts proclaimed that this was an illogical miracle.

In the same manner it entered the chopper, the bird also exited it through the hatch.

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The owl “worked as a co-pilot” for about 10 minutes, according to Dan. Although we frequently encounter amazing stories in the course of our work, Alpiner stated that he would always remember this particular incident.

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