The Cat Uses the Computer Keyboard and Receives a Unique Prize

Animals have a keen interest in contemporary technologies. Mochi the cat was not an exception. She is addicted to contemporary TVs and laptops. She had a curious nature, which led to some exciting events.
Mochi relishes upsetting her mother as well.
After learning that the cat was a stray living inside a car, Schleider and her partner decided to adopt it.

The animal fell in love with computer screens right away. As an assistant professor of psychology, Schleider now spends a significant amount of her time applying for funds so that she can complete the study.
Recently, she decided to take a break. Because the grant she was applying for was worth $100,000, she wanted to be sure she had done everything perfectly before submitting it.

Mochi adores the comforting warmth of laptops, so she decides to spend the night on one.

The cat decided to integrate herself rather differently within Schleider’s art, as it so happened.

When Schleider looked back at the screen, she saw that something had changed. She discovered that the cat had submitted the grant application by clicking “Submit.” Can you imagine how she was feeling? Schleider had little choice but to wait for the result of the application, though.
It turned out that Mochi was mostly uninterested, and the cat was smart to not be terrified.

The grant was subsequently awarded to the mother. She believes that her extraordinary animal brought her good fortune. What an amazing coincidence!

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