An Automobile Business in Brazil Has a Wonderful Dog on Staff. He Is Currently Their Top Employee

A car dealership’s staff frequently noticed the same adorable dog next to the structure. He was homeless and was seen pacing back and forth on the street. The staff at the salon once became unhappy with the dog after a heavy downpour. They decided to let him stay beneath their roof, where they could provide him with food and water.

A Stray Dog That Kept Showing Up at a Car Dealership Is Now an Honorary  Employee - This Dogs Life

Because the dog was so affectionate and lovely, they decided to keep it. simply to ensure that Tucson the dog had a home and food to eat. Tucson proved to be a decent, hard-working dog and was quickly promoted! The dog began doing sales work for them. Even a badge was handed to him.

The puppy received a promotion and was put on the sales team since he was so good at greeting and establishing relationships with clients. And that makes perfect sense: Having a cute puppy by your side makes choosing a car less stressful. Visitors are noticeably happier and are likely more likely to make purchases.

Stray dog visited car dealership every day until he got adopted – and still  works there - Daily Star

The dog’s presence practically guaranteed that everyone would recognize a typical car store! The number of sales has increased recently. Of course, the worker on four legs has his own workspace. His staff set up a stand for him, handed out pretty bowls, and organized shift work so he could wander Tucson.

Brazilian Car Dealership "Hires" A Stray Dog, Who Afterwards Becomes An  Internet Sensation | I Love My Dog So Much

Tucson’s Instagram account already has 100,000 followers, of course! Visitors still stop by Tucson Prime’s dealership after buying a car to say hello and sometimes even to give him gifts.

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