When the Dog Learned That His Owners Were Selling His Sweetheart, He Was Unable To Control His Tears

The farmers purchased a dog and gave it the name Ruuki. The dog made friends with the other farm animals and quickly adapted to his new surroundings. The dog’s largest playmate was a red cow. The canine companion never left her side. The man’s dog spent more time at the stable than in his owner’s yard.

If it weren’t for the farmers’ financial difficulties, they might have kept living a measured and peaceful life. They made the decision to sell the cow. Ruuki was a mess when she was handed over to her new owners.

While leading the cow out of the stable, he rushed around the people and barked hysterically. The dog once approached his friend’s foster mother and licked her face. The friend’s friend’s passion was returned by the cow.

Rookie couldn’t understand why they were apart. The dog’s eyes began to fill with grief as his friend was taken away by strangers. After everything that had happened, the dog fell into deep despair. He didn’t eat or drink much. Ruuki concentrated all of his attention in one spot. The dog yearned while sitting in the stable nonstop. After a few days, though, he suddenly sprang up and bolted off in an unknown direction. For several days, the monster vanished.

The phone at the farmers’ residence soon began to ring. They received a call from the buyer of their livestock. After using his nose to find the cow, the dog discovered that he had traveled hundreds of kilometers to see his friend.
The original owners of the cow decided to buy it back on the same day after some deliberation. Even though they needed the money, they decided not to divide up their animals once more.

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