The Bear Tried To Help the Girl by Bringing Her Cub to Her

It was a hot, pleasant summer day outside. The chirping of the birds roused me up.

I got ready and headed to the lake, which was gorgeous in the morning. There is always peace and quiet in the morning, with a thin layer of fog hovering above it. There were still some dew drops on the grass because it was so early. To get to the pond, there is only one direction you can go. To get there, you must cross through a little woodland.

I spotted a female bear cub while out strolling, so I sat next to a tree silently so as not to startle them. I waited for them to go in the hopes that they would do so quickly.

Because bears are so common in this area, people don’t fear them. They were still wild animals, so I knew I had to use caution. She saw me in the commotion and started to approach me with her cub since I was unable to properly conceal myself.

Yosemite Ranger Shares Story of a Mother Bear Mourning Her Cub Killed by  Speeding DriverI spotted the cub’s injured paw right away. I made an effort to focus and noticed a large splinter. I then realized that they needed aid, which is why they approached me in the hopes that I might provide it.

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I quickly removed the splinter by taking his paw into my hands. Although I took every effort to be careful, the baby continued to cry, causing his mother to approach us. Fortunately, things worked out for both of us. The mother didn’t hurt me because I helped with the baby.

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