Nobody Wanted the Odd-looking Pit Bull, but He Eventually Finds a Loving Home

Each dog wants to be saved. Some dogs choose their eventual residence with ease. On the other hand, some individuals spend a significant amount of time in shelters in the hopes that someone will take them home.

No One Wants To Adopt This Poor Pit Bull Because Of His 'Ugly' Look

When choosing a new pet, people typically pick the cutest dog available. They base their choices on appearance. Many of them have the opinion that adopting strange-looking animals is not wise.

But these animals also require love. like Wally, who had waited so long and nervously.

Wally is not your typical dog. He was still affected by his terrible life.

Wally was brought to the sanctuary as a stray dog when he was ten years old.
He also had a skin condition, and one of his eyes was blind. Wally had the kind of expression that would deter potential adopters as a result of everything.

No One Wants To Adopt This Poor Pit Bull Because Of His 'Ugly' Look

But because of the dog’s lovable attitude, he immediately became the shelter’s most popular pet.

He lusted after food and would do everything to get it.

Wally was a lovely dog who only needed a warm place to call home.

Sadly, many visitors to the shelter failed to appreciate its beauty. For a year, Wally looked for a new home without success. He had to be the only creature.

And as a result of the rejections, his health began to deteriorate.
He used to be happy when he first came in. He loved going outside, but he seemed miserable in his kennel.

However, Wally’s story has a happy ending. After becoming well-known on social media, the sanctuary announced that Wally had finally found his forever home!


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