Because the Single Mother Refused To Leave Her Disabled Son, He Is Now a Harvard Student

This tale demonstrates once more the boundless love of a mother.

This lady truly deserves praise. She discovered that the fetus had issues while she was pregnant. Specifically, her unborn child was meant to be paralyzed upon birth.
One can only imagine how the mother felt at the time, but she proved to be very strong.


Mom Refuses To Give Up Her Disabled Baby With "Low Intelligence," Nurtures  Him All The Way To Harvard | Bored Panda

After Zou gave birth, her husband started trying to convince her. He persuaded his wife to postpone picking up the infant from the hospital.

Additionally, the physicians agreed with her husband and reassured the mother that raising the child would only make her burdensome.

The mother was determined, though. As soon as she and the infant were released from the hospital, she started filling out the divorce papers.
Zou made a commitment to herself that she would be able to provide for her son’s future.

Single Mom in China Refused to Give Up on Her Disabled Son, Now He's a  Successful Harvard Law Student – Pixelated Planet


Of course, she had to put forth a lot of effort to keep her word. Additionally, the child requires ongoing instruction, which advances both technology and memory.

But the mother persisted. She was able to give the infant all the necessities.

Already, 29 years have passed. The boy grew up and matured into a real guy!

Chinese Mom Raises Disabled Son To To Go Harvard - Simplemost

Dean, as he is known, has developed into a unique and highly sought-after professional who promotes environmental conservation.
Dean enrolled at Harvard a few years later. Now it’s safe to say that her hard work and efforts have paid off.

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