A beautiful retriever with a rare mutation who was born with a recognizable black mark on his face has won the hearts of internet users

Enzo, a golden retriever, has grown to be a major Internet celebrity.

Golden Retriever Was Born With A Rare Genetic Mutation, And It Made Him  Incredibly Adorable | Bored Panda

The dog was born with a rare mutation that caused a small shift in hue. He charmed the audience in this way.

Golden retrievers are allowed to be any shade of golden or cream, per breed standards.

Enzo, however, differs from his ancestors in that he has a sizable dark spot on his face that gives the dog a unique charm. Internet surfers are well known for their fondness for adorable animals.

Because of this, pets like dogs, cats, and even parrots very rapidly start to shine on the Internet.The netizens' favorite golden retriever has an unique mutation that leaves  him with a striking black spot on his face
Enzo the retriever was no exception, and his distinctive appearance only increased his appeal.

His Instagram page is currently followed by over 190,000 users.

Enzo resides in Texas with his owners. Clarissa Castro, the canine’s 15-year-old owner, claimed she fell in love with the odd puppy right away.

She added that the retriever is totally healthy and that the unknown mutation only changed the color of his fur.

A golden retriever with a unique 'black splotch' of fur on his face is  helping kids embrace their birthmarks

Her family was shocked to learn that the puppy was unique from other retrievers. Clarissa’s parents instantly warmed to him thanks to his friendliness and liveliness.

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