A Man Observed a Motionless Dog and Tried to Assist It Before Realizing It Was a Joke

A weary dog was lying on the ground in the mountains when a tourist on a bicycle noticed it. The dog had no signs of life, and it appeared that the tourist needed to run for aid.
However, after a short while, the man understood that the dog was tricking him.

Man saw a motionless dog and tried to help when he realized it was prank

In the mountains, a traveler on a bicycle was not alone.

People passing by on foot approached him and informed him that the dog had fallen due to weakness. Kind words did not elicit a response, so the man initially chose to call the owner, whose phone number was imprinted on the collar.

However, no one picked up the phone, so the man then dialed the rescue agency. Here, the complete truth about the cunning dog was revealed to him.

It came out that daily calls from people telling them about unfortunate dogs were common.

Man saw a motionless dog and tried to help when he realized it was prankThis dog is undoubtedly not malnourished and belongs to a nearby farming household. Simply by doing this, he draws others’ attention and occasionally gets an extra treat.

My dog sits next to me when I'm on the couch and looks at me like we need  to have "the talk" : r/WhatsWrongWithYourDog

The dog promptly stood up and continued to go about his business as if nothing had happened after appearing to understand what was going on. The tourist merely needed to leave as well.

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