The Dog Picked up a Lot of Helpful Tricks To Help Him Be the Ideal Babysitter for His Owner’s Kid

Mom Alicia immediately came to the conclusion that it’s preferable not to hire a nanny, especially at a young age when her baby mostly needs someone to be close.

The dog mastered many practical skills in order to be the ideal babysitter  for his owner's childBut because time does not stand still, the wise Chico picks up new skills, and the mature Leo now requires more.
Chico is two years old, and Leo is almost six months. He has agreed to take care of the infant because he is the oldest and least-employed member of the family.

Pet dog helps save tot from abusive babysitter | Deccan Herald

Mom should bathe, change diapers, feed, etc. But Chico makes it easy to carry a tablet with amusing cartoons, serve as a pillow, and otherwise keep him from crawling away.
He always keeps one eye on his ward while they are out walking. As soon as Leo is about to start crying, the dog appears, pushes his nose into the pram, and comforts him.
Mom Alicia is completely satisfied with the current situation because it provides her with an abundance of free time to do various important things, thanks to the devoted Chico.

In order to become the perfect babysitter for his owner's baby, the dog learned a lot of useful tricks

The fact that the dog enjoys learning tricks that are wholly unheard-of for dogs shows that he certainly feels like a proud guardian of the family hearth and heir.

Additionally, Leo will develop his abilities as he gets older.

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