In South Africa, a Cute Mother Leopard Explains How To Cross the Street to One of Her Confused Cubs

Nobody likes being stuck in traffic, especially when they need to go somewhere quickly.

But if you’re in South Africa, you’re invited to cross the road to the Kruger National Park. It is  one of the most perilous and alluring locations in the world where wild animals roam free.

This lovely mother leopard instructs one of her confused babies how to cross  the road. - NEWS FROM MEDIABLOG

Recently, a family crossing this very route got the incredible chance to see such a scene.

The father, Thinus Delport, made a lighthearted request to his daughters to sing loudly so that the leopards would hear them and come out as they left their camp that morning in the hopes of spotting any.

As a result, a stunning scene unexpectedly appeared before their eyes.

They first spotted a traffic bottleneck before realizing a family of leopards was to blame.

One of the two gorgeous cubs, who was puzzled and scared, stopped in the middle of the road as the mother leopard and her two adorable pups attempted to cross.

Leopard mom had to turn around when she saw that her cub wasn’t following her.

Watch: Leopard teaches cubs how to cross the road <p data-wpview-marker=

It seems that she said something in her infant’s ear to reassure her and persuade her to follow her. Even though they appeared worn out, the cubs trusted their mother—who is usually there to assist them—to cross the street and vanish in the brush.

Leopard Mother Crossing Road With Her Two Cubs Caught On Camera - LADbible

The gorgeous leopard and her young successfully crossed the road at last. The daughters of Delport took advantage of the chance to capture some amazing pictures of the elusive cats.

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