A Tiny, Adorable Kitten Was Supposed To Have Been Saved, but After Three Months, His Color Changed

Katherine and a friend picked up a little kitten from the street one evening. At least, that is what they believed until three months. But weird creature’s hue started to shift and his eyes started to get tougher.
On the streets of Hamilton, a tiny town in New Zealand, Katherine discovered the kitten. She initially mistook him for a rat because he was such a small, defenseless ball of gray fur and hadn’t even opened his eyes.

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She was required to care for the baby round-the-clock.

The kitten Bruce gradually got stronger, learned to stand on his own, and developed an inquisitive eye for his surroundings. His voice was excessively deep for a little kitten, which was one of his weird behaviors. Bruce started stalking mice in the kitchen early as well.

The third month was roughly the same time. A fully black cat was sitting in the kitchen as I entered. Bruce’s complexion has changed! Katherine told journalists.The woman took the cat to the doctor.

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The expert noted that Bruce is almost a unique creature and that color change is quite rare.

The mother cat likely went through a lot of stress or was given drugs, the veterinarian said, both of which had an impact on the kitten’s coat.

The specialist attributed a lack of socializing to other strange behaviors. The kitten was very little when it first encountered people and had no idea how to “be a cat.”

People thought they saved a cute little kitten, but after three months he changed his color

Katherine has now launched a personal blog. It has one million users, and everyone is curious to see if the cat will change color once more.

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