Her Clever Cat Warned the Rescuers That His Owner Was in Danger and Saved the 83-Year-old Woman Who Had Fallen Down a Ravine

The clever cat assisted the rescuers in finding and saving his former owner.
As soon as the rescue crew saw him and realized where his beloved person had fallen, he began to meow nonstop.
When the Bodmin Police rescue team arrived at the scene of the tragedy, they started the search operation right away.

Cat's meowing helps rescuers find 83-year-old owner after she falls down a  ravine - CBS News

The group was soon led to the woman’s location by unexpected help that had suddenly arrived. The officers were alerted by a passing resident who had heard a loud cat meow close to the woman’s address in the maize field.

Cornwall: First pictures of hero cat whose meowing helped save owner, 83,  who fell 70ft through barbed wire | UK News | Sky News

The 83-year-old senior woman was discovered to have fallen. She become stuck in a ravine that was around 70 feet deep. The fire department quickly showed up to arrange for the woman’s rescue. The elderly woman was carried outside on a stretcher.

The team succeeded in saving the woman, who was unharmed, despite the uneven terrain and the challenging access to her. She was taken to the neighborhood hospital, where she would be under medical supervision for a few days.

Elderly Woman's Pet Cat Alerts Neighbors After She Fell Down a Ravine

The old woman was saved thanks to the rescue crew and Piran. His devoted owner might not be alive today if it weren’t for this brave, smart, and devoted cat.

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