When the Cat Reached Adulthood, She Took Her Kittens Back to the Chicken That Had Raised Her

A street cat was “raised” by a chicken a few years back.

The cat soon grew up, departed, then came back and brought her kittens to the same chicken; all of this was captured on camera by a device placed in the yard.
The owner of a small farm with a chicken coop in the yard related the tale of the cat to the media.

Chicken Taking Care Of Kittens Captured In A Viral Video | Bored Panda
The man decided that there had been chicks there when he noticed movement one morning. To his amazement, he discovered tiny kittens inside that were about 20 days old, rather than chicks. The man first had difficulty understanding how they had arrived. Then he remembered the tale of the lost cat.

It took me some time before I suddenly remembered. A tiny cat started running into the yard often about two years ago. She regularly slept in the coop for the chickens. She seemed to think the chicken house was secure enough, according to Brian, the farm’s owner.

Even the chicken herself seems content to look after the kittens. While she goes hunting, the cat virtually abandons them for the entire day.

The chicken took care of the cat as a baby, and later on the adult cat gave  the chicken her offspring

However, the remaining hens in the coop stopped laying eggs since they did not like living in such a neighborhood.

“I had to build the cat a separate house. “She left soon and now only occasionally visits the bird,” the farmer said.

The occupants of the chicken coop are not at all seen as prey by the cat. Her kittens, who are used to growing up around birds, are likely to follow suit.

Chicken Taking Care Of Kittens Captured In A Viral Video | Bored PandaHere are the recordings made by the cameras, which show the entire “family” gathered together.

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