A Chihuahua Who Can’t Walk and a Pigeon Who Can’t Fly Fell in Love and Are Now Close Friends

Strange relationships between two species go beyond a struggle for survival. Amazing animals often develop these relationships to show that friendship and love.

A pigeon that can't fly befriended a puppy that can't walk. Yes, it's as  cute as it sounds | CNN

People will never stop being curious when they come across friendships as strange as Herman and Lundy’s between two distinct species.

Lundy is a little chihuahua who is unable to walk, and Herman is a pigeon who cannot fly. Their adorable romance grabbed the hearts of everyone.

They first connected at the Mia Foundation, an animal rehabilitation facility.

VIDEO: Flightless pigeon and crippled Chihuahua show that love has no  boundaries - GulfToday
The Mia Foundation is home to Herman, a resident who was saved by a wildlife rescuer.

He was located in a parking lot. The poor creature was incapable of flying or moving. He battled to stay alive and was no longer able to fly.

When Lundy was only four weeks old, he first showed up at the same facility. Due to his inability to walk, a breeder from South Carolina declined to take him.
He was brought to the same shelter, where he soon discovered affection and solace.
When Herman and Lundy first met, no one from the shelter could have guessed that they would end up being close friends.

The special bond between a pigeon and a puppy – Westside News Inc

Herman was removed from his pen by the staff, who then placed him on the chihuahua’s bed.

Surprisingly, they hit it off right away, and even more so, they were inseparable friends. The two fell in love at first sight.

The employees snapped some photos and posted them on social media. Because so many people showed their admiration, this amazing pair rose to fame. The followers contributed more than $6,000 to the treatment facility.

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