A Man Saved a Hippo, and the Giant Gave Him a Great Deal of Love in Return

This hippo is female. Among her family members, Jessica is regarded as being the most well-known. Many news sources from across the world have written about her. Over 150 documentaries have been made about her. Each year, hundreds of people try to visit Jessica.

Amazing Creatures: A Man Developed a Friendship with Hippo
Her story began in South Africa 18 years ago. The Joubert family grandfather discovered a young hippopotamus on a riverbank not far from his home. Nobody was in the area.

Given that the cub was probably just a few days old, it is obvious that it would have been nearly impossible for one to live. The man made the decision to bring the creature home. So, Jessica was chosen as the child’s name.

The animal was reared by the entire Joubert family. Jessica briefly resided in the home of her rescuers, but the animal eventually grew up. The Jouberts made the decision to throw Jessica back into the river where they first discovered her.

South African farmer makes friends with Humphrey the happy hippo | Daily  Mail Online

Jessica has become so close to people that she calls them every day and visits their homes. Jessica still takes pleasure in watching TV and drinking tea.
The hippopotamus is also not frightened of people and enjoys receiving gifts and gentle head pats.

Man mauled to death by pet hippo he described as 'like a son'

This tale has gained a lot of popularity. Tourists will be able to meet Jessica, get to know her, and the Joubert family grandfather, who will be happy to share his unique experience.

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