After six months of raising a puppy, the student went to see a veterinarian, who determined that the dog was, in fact, a wolf

An 18-year-old college girl brought home a little dog that she had adopted off the street.

The puppy displayed odd behavior right away and started digging in the yard. But this reality was overlooked.
It was discovered that the student had been rearing a real woodland wolf at home for six months when, by coincidence, he had to meet with a veterinarian.

Neo was the name George gave to his pet, who had a special yard enclosure made just for him.

Neo developed swiftly and was always trying to get out by digging under the fence. He was often discovered with the shepherd dogs of his neighbor.

Additionally, Neo did not communicate with anyone besides George.

Student raised a puppy for six months, and when he met with a veterinarian, it turned out that the dog was a wolf

The so-called “dog” didn’t howl or wag its tail, but its teeth proved to be so strong that one day it just tore a hole in the fence and fled once more.

Neo had already been located during this escape by staff members of the nearby animal shelter. George arrived for the agitated animal after they dialed the number on the collar, but the veterinarian requested that he take his time.

“I was unable to believe. I picked up a wolf off the street, not a dog, according to the veterinarian! George subsequently told reporters that he spent six months living in my yard.

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Neo had to be given to a unique group that works with wolves’ acclimatization to the wild.

He continued to miss his owner for a long time before following his inclination and entering the jungle.

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