An Kind Ostrich Comforted an Orphaned Elephant, and the Two Became the Closest Friends

We are often amazed by the unexpected friendships between wild creatures. These magnificent, kind animals possess the capacity for love and consolation, just like people do.

But you’ll undoubtedly feel your hearts melting when you see this unique bond between species.
Meet Pea, an ostrich, and Jotto, a young elephant, who established a special bond at the elephant orphanage where they first met.

Kind ostrich helped an orphaned elephant by comforting him and they became best friends

He was only a month old when the Sheldrick Wildlife volunteers saved the newborn elephant. He was given another opportunity at life.

Soon after this rescue, the sanctuary workers discovered Pea and Pod, two orphaned ostrich chicks that had been taken to the same refuge as the baby elephant.

Nobody could have predicted how well they would get along and even develop a friendship.

Remembering Pea

They were transported by air to Nairobi’s National Park. The little animals here had a new lease on life.
Here, the new friendship blossomed. Jotto always had Pea at his side, providing him with the love and care he so desperately needed as a young orphan elephant.

Their compassionate connection was what enabled them both to move past their hurt and loss. Pea and Jotto were best friends and spent all of their time together.

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The ostrich began to believe she was a part of the elephant herd after spending her days there. Jotto is overjoyed to have Pea as a fun and devoted friend. They frequently cuddled with each other and adored it.

Once they have recovered, grown strong, and reached adulthood, they will return to the wild.

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