Elephant Mother and Daughter Have an Emotional Reunion at the Zoo Halle After 12 Years Apart

Three generations of elephants came together in a touching moment at the Halle Zoo after a 12-year separation.

Adorable moment elephant reunites with daughter and granddaughters after 12- years separation | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard

People’s hearts have never been separated by the passage of time. Love is a sensation that never goes away.
Elephant mother and daughter were split up one day, but when they reunited years later, they instantly recognized one another and gave each other a bear hug.

The Elephant Grandma Who Never Forgot - Zenger News

They emerged from their confines and began to touch one another. It was a wonderful moment. Tana, the 19-year-old elephant daughter, was joined by her kids, Tamika and Elani.

Tana brought her granddaughters to visit Tana’s mother, Grandmother Pori, who was 39 years old and had never met her grandchildren. She seemed so delighted and excited that she greeted them with her trunk right away.
Such a wonderful scene, filled with gentle, endless love. This shows that love never goes away.

The Elephant Grandma Who Never Forgot - Zenger News

Grandmother elephant, who was brought from Berlin, was reunited with her family as a result of the conservation breeding program that is currently in place.

With everyone in the family now there, they may enjoy their time together.


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