The Bear Cub Asked the Fisherman for Fish, but Instead of Eating It Himself, He Gave It to His Mother Bear

The man noticed nearby movement as he was calmly fishing at the river. He was approached by a bear cub who motioned for a fish. The fisherman shared his catch despite being astonished.
The bear cub took the fish to the she-bear through the forest’s dense undergrowth rather than eating it right away. The action of this tale took place in Siberia’s north.

These Fishermen Had To Think Fast To Save Mama Bear And Her Cubs |  JourneyRanger JourneyRanger

A resident of one of the tiny nearby towns immediately walked to the center of the shallow water and fly-fished. In a short period of time, the man sent three trout and a large grayling into the bucket because the fishing was excellent that day.

The fisherman was so caught up in his joy that he failed to notice the bear cub approaching him.

And when he saw, he understood the animal was starving. The baby was given a full grayling by the man, but he refused to eat it. He carried the fish towards the jungle while nodding his head.

After three more instances of this, the fisherman began to wonder where the bear cub was transporting the fish.

These Fishermen Had To Think Fast To Save Mama Bear And Her Cubs |  JourneyRanger JourneyRangerFollowing him, he came across a bear laying still in the closest clearing.

The large beast was growing stronger despite being plainly exhausted from the arduous march through the taiga.

A calm bear approached the man.

However, the fisherman knew that two or three fish would not be sufficient to feed a large animal.

After giving it some thought, he presented the entire catch to her before quietly departing. The she-bear and her youngster fled the area the following day. It appears that the fish significantly increased her strength.

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