Owners Left Their Cat at Home While They Were Away on Business for a Month; When They Returned, There Were Already Five Cats

The family made the decision to leave their second house while on business for a few days, leaving their cat behind.

Unfortunately, the planes were cancelled right then and there. And it only took a month for her to return; throughout that period, the cat was alone at home.
But when they did go inside the living room, they discovered that they now had up to five cats living there.

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Patrick Killmurphy, whose cat Ley, coincidentally, took on the identity of Robinson for a month, related the tale.

The family left for only a few days on business and then came back. However, because of the canceled flights, the couple had to find alternate means of transportation.

A month later, when they unlocked the door, they discovered their pet to be in excellent health. Four cats that they still didn’t know about wandered throughout the house. Ley proved to be a perceptive feline.

10 Things to Avoid Doing When Leaving Your Cat Alone | Great Pet CareHe appears to have spilled a sizable bag of his food on the floor after discovering it on the kitchen table after a few days. So he obtained food.

In addition, the window wasn’t shut by the owners. Of course, the cat took the chance to go outside and back inside.

“We frequently considered Ley.” Killmurphy recalled, “We were quite concerned that she wouldn’t survive without meals.”

It appears that additional cats are now able to enter through the window. Ley seemed to have been bored and made the decision to cover for the owners’ absence.

Owners went on business for a month and left their cat at home: when they returned, there were already 5 catsThe couple is now in a serious predicament as a result. What should be done when there are new visitors? Cats need a roof over their heads, of course, but five pets at once is a bit much.

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