To Spend Some Time Alone, the Lion Tries To Run From His Cubs, but the Kids Persistently Pursue Him

Some men occasionally fail to grasp all that they will have to give up when starting a large family.

After all, life will never be the same when there are three or more kids in it. The lion, which was captured on camera in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, appears to agree.

A father of several children has chosen to retire in order to spend at least some time alone because he is sick of being the center of attention for his cubs. But it appears that he was unsuccessful. Four young lion pups are displayed after the beast king in the images. The lion appears to have believed that the kids would leave him alone, but that was not the case. The children saw their fatigued father step up the pace and begin to run, so they instantly followed him in an effort to close the gap.

Lion dad wants alone time – But his cubs are determined to ...They are certain to stay close to their father. Lions typically sleep for 20 hours a day and start hunting at dusk. As a result, they avoid the heat of the day and conserve their energy for the evening. Lions gather in groups during rest periods, sleep together, rub their heads against one another, and, of course, play with kids.

Lion tries to escape from his cubs to have some alone time, but kids stubbornly chase him

Their social ties within the pride will greatly benefit from this. However, a lion with four young appears prepared to confirm that raising children is not a simple task. Many online users have even shared their dialogue:

“What are you doing, dad?” Dad, hold it! “When will you leave me alone?” he asked.



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