During their vacation, the young boys save a baby beluga whale that washes up on a Canadian riverbank

Teenagers witnessed a baby beluga whale that had washed ashore on the St. Lawrence River in Canada while on a family vacation. Nicholas Milliard, 15, described how he and his younger brothers were able to save the animal.

Young Boys Save Baby Beluga Whale Who Washed Up On ShoreEvery five minutes, water was thrown in to prevent the animal from drying out. According to Milliard, “We constructed a hole so that water might collect there and nourish its skin.”  The family from Quebec quickly called for help and looked after the cub until the doctors showed up.

During vacation, the young boys rescue a newborn beluga whale washed up on the riverbank in Canada


The rescuers put the animal back in the water. There is only a slim chance that the cub will find its mother again or that a different beluga whale will feed it. Beluga whales feed and care for their young for two years; the cub cannot survive without the mother’s help.

Baby beluga in the deep blue … St. Lawrence River | CBC News

Beluga whales formerly numbered in the tens of thousands in the St. Lawrence River; today, there are only 900 left. The reservoir pollution is to blame for this dramatic decline.

Whatever the case, the beluga whale that was saved now has a chance to live. And it’s all because of the work of caring boys.

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