When a Monkey Was Employed as a Server, the Restaurantbecame Well-known

A Japanese restaurant’s owner was thinking about closing the business because there weren’t enough customers.
In one of his final days  he made a joke about trying to hire a long-tamed monkey as a server.
The owner was shocked to see that the macaque knew his responsibilities properly. Diners now reserve tables months in advance in order to catch a glimpse of a unique waiter.
Similar to a typical Japanese sake house, the Kayabukiya Tavern is constructed.

Monkeys Serve Beer To Guests At This Japanese Bar (Watch Video) | India.comEven in small towns, there are a lot of similar businesses, which explains the establishment’s lack of popularity. With the arrival of the macaque Yat-chan, everything was altered.

Monkeys serve as waiter in this Japanese restaurant! They get bananas as  salary and soya bean as tip | The Financial Express

Yat-chan, who is 16 years old, was given to Kaoru Otsuka, the business’s owner, as a gift by a friend. He usually brings the monkey to work with him. It appears that a clever animal picked up work skills from the servers at the restaurant.

However, Yat-chan now serves drinks and takes orders from customers who fill out customized order forms, according to Kaoru Otsuka, a reporter.

Monkey as Waiters in Japan - MBF

This marketing ploy assisted the restaurant in becoming well-known in addition to helping it “stay afloat.” Visitors come from all over the world to the restaurant to check out the unusual waiters.

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