The Cat Protects the Owner From a Snake That Climbed Through the Door and Hid in Shopping Bags

Ricky Owens placed all the items next to the refrigerator when he got home from the grocery store. He then left the house door open and went outside.
When the man came back, he saw that Gordon, his cat, had viciously circled the chair. He screamed, threw out claws at him, and backed away all at once. Ricky left the house again, oblivious to what was going on with the four-legged.

Cat saves the owner from a highly venomous snake, the reptile climbed  through the open door and hid in the shopping bags - Arm Press Media

When he came back, the cat was already hissing at the grocery bag. After setting down the shopping bags, Ricky noticed that the four-legged creature and he were only a few steps from a tiger snake. A run-in with one of Australia’s most dangerous and venomous snakes can result in tears. Ricky had to take a chance in order to catch the snake, because it immediately ran under the refrigerator.

Dartmoor man finds deadly snake hiding in shopping bags after cat raises  alarm - ABC News

“I could only make out a small portion of the snake’s belly protruding from behind the refrigerator. Ricky remarked, “I didn’t know where its head was or where its tail was.”

The snake was thrown over the backyard fence by the man after he managed to grip it by the tail.

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Following this occurrence, Ricky resolved to take his cat’s actions seriously and to always shut the door.

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